Farm to Table, San Luis Ranch, a Homegrown Community

“If you were raised in SLO, or work in SLO, you should be able to live in SLO”, is the movement mantra expressing concern of the need for more affordable housing in San Luis Obispo.

San Luis Ranch addresses the critical need for new affordable and workforce housing, and allows for a walkable, bike-friendly, recreation-oriented community that seamlessly integrates into the existing environment,” says developer Gary Grossman on his proposal headed before the San Luis Obispo City Council on July 5.

The San Luis Ranch project proposes 282 single-family units and 298 multi-family units; 34 being deed-restricted affordable units designated for various levels of qualifying low income residents. The housing units would range in size from a 250 s/f efficiency apartment to a 2,200 s/f home. In today’s market, units might range from about $350,000 to $600,000. The development would devote 40 acres to housing and 60 acres for organic farming and open space. Around 200,000 square feet would be used for commercial space, 150,000 square feet for office space. There is also intent for a 200-room hotel to be included in the plan.

Great news to SLO residents, buyers must already live or work in the city to have first dibs! Once the list of local applicants runs out, home purchases would be opened to anyone.

Other SLO projects planned or in the works;

Avila Ranch, a proposed 720-home development near the airport will be heard by the Planning Commission later this month.