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How Much Electricity Do Your Home Christmas Lights Use?

Just how much electricity do Christmas lights use? It depends on which lights you use and how simple or extravagant your Christmas light display is.

Let’s do the math for a 200 ct. strand of lights that will be on 10-hours per day over a two-month period:

LED mini-lights

  • Cost: 100-ct. strand cost $7.31 ea. Total for 200-ct. = $14.62 (Walmart)
  • Lifespan: 20,000 hours
  • Energy Use: approximately 15 watts
  • Cost to operate (2 months): $2.07 

Incandescent mini-lights

  • Cost: 100-ct. strands cost $2.69 ea. Total for 200-ct. = $5.38 (Lowes)
  • Lifespan: 2,000 hours
  • Energy use: approximately 50 watts
  • Cost to operate (2 months): $6.90

But seriously, who puts up two strands of lights?

Let’s look at the electric cost to plug in 10 strands for a two-month period (10-hours per day):

  • LEDs: $20.70
  • Incandescent Lights: $69.00

To calculate, we used 11.3 cents per kilo-watt per hour. The average price of electricity according to

If you are getting ready to put up Christmas lights on your home, think twice before hanging the incandescent strands. While they are cheap to buy, the electricity to operate them is not. LEDs have a higher upfront cost, but a much lower impact on your monthly electric bill. If you reuse your holiday lights from year to year, LEDs make sense.


There are additional ways to reduce energy consumption each season. Combine LED Christmas lights with the following to increase electricity savings:

  • Timers - Few Holiday-goers are out and about at 2 am in the morning. Use a timer to control how long your lights are on.
  • Extension Cords – Instead of using light strings to add length to your display, utilize extension cords in less visible areas
  • Creative Decorating – Not everything is about strands of lights. Don’t forget the ribbons, wreaths, and garland.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | Haven Properties wishes all our friends, family and clients a happy, safe, and energy efficient Holiday.  

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