For Your Protection: Consider Getting Inspections.

Above supply, demand and desirability, the primary factor involved in objectively determining the worth of any article of value is condition. Ignorance may be bliss, but certainly not if you are a homeowner or aspiring to be. Buyers and sellers alike benefit from disclosed knowledge as the result of professional inspections

Contracting inspectors is not only in the best interest of a buyer, but the seller as well. Before you can get into contract, terms and negotiations have to be made. As a seller, when setting your asking price, you are declaring a certain value on your home based on your belief in the knowledge of its condition. Entering into contract, you and the buyer have both come to agreeance on that value. Should the series of several inspections to follow bring to light revelations of condition that were previously unknown whilst in negotiations, your contract price may be at threat. This new information was not used in the consideration of determining a price that was mutually agreeable. Justifiably, negotiations reenter the transaction. Renegotiation can jeopardize your contract and/or prolong it’s closing date. Why get caught unaware? Consider performing certain inspections and repairs beforeyou determine that asking price! 

If you consider yourself the lucky buyer to have made an offer and won the home, your challenge has just begun. Now, the wise consumer, bears the burden of proof. It is your job to perform diligence in the investigation of all the warrants and disclosure of the seller…..even the undisclosed ones that the seller may be unaware of.  Prior to closing, and within your investigative contingency period, hire the appropriate inspectors to insure the value at which you and the seller have determined to be mutually amicable.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, your REALTOR® professional can provide qualified references to inspectors that can give you the most information possible about your home so that you can rest assured you have protected your investment.

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