Preparing your Home for a Quick Sell

Getting your home prepared before you list it on the Real Estate Market for sale can take much stress out of the transaction.  There are plenty of little things you can do that don’t take a lot of time or money that will help render a smoother and expeditious experience.

Jump start the sale of your home with these great tips:

  1. Depersonalize the Space
  • You do not want buyers to be distracted.  Not everyone has the same taste in décor so when it comes to furniture keep it neutral.  Stick with understated pieces that aren’t too flashy or distracting. 
  • Pack away any personal family heirlooms and photographs.  The new buyers need to be able to imagine themselves and their items on the walls.
  • Re-paint the walls a very neutral color that would appease to the buyers. This goes along with the idea that not all people have the same taste in decor.  You do not want buyers to remember your property as “the purple wall house”.
  1. De-Clutter the Space
  • Less is more!  Move out some furniture because property shows better with less furniture in it. 
  • Remove any leaves from the dining room table to make the space around it look bigger. You want the buyers to be able to move around easily.  
  • Clear clutter so potential buyers can picture themselves living there and be able to see the homes full potential.
  • Remember to clean out closets and make them look tidy. Buyers will open them up to see the storage space and you don’t want items falling out on them. 
  1. Get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection
  • If you do not know the current condition of your home you can opt to get a pre-listing home Inspection to let you know which things might need attention or repair.  
  • Home inspections done while in a transaction could potentially cause a listing to fall out of escrow.  It is always better to be prepared for what might need to be dealt with before it goes into escrow.
  1. Select an Exceptional Realtor
  • Some traits to look for in an exceptional realtor include: great communication skills, strong negotiating skills, someone who can offer guidance throughout the entire process, and the ability to price your property at the correct price from the start. 
  • If the pricing is incorrect from the start it will be a mistake that could set you back.  This can and will stop a home from selling quickly! 

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