8 Ways to Not Put Out Your Holiday Welcome Mat to the Grinches Who Steal Christmas!

Tips to Protect Your Home During the Holidays

Be all the wiser this holiday season as criminals become opportunistic. Heed these suggestions for a peaceful holiday and may your joy be complete!

  1. Don’t post photos, tag yourself, or drop pins while on vacation. Wait until you return home before publicizing such information on social media or even through emails that can be hacked.
  2. Tall grass and tall piles of newspapers tell a tall tale of absent homeowners. Hire a housesitter/petsitter. Instead of boarding your pet, hire a surrogate parent to guard your pet who guards your house!
  3. Don’t position mirrors near windows giving burglars an insider’s vantage point of layouts of the interior or viewable status of the alarm setting.
  4. Be especially precautionary in locking all windows and doors and securing doors with deadbolts.
  5. Trim bushes and trees at points of entry so as not to provide shelter and privacy for a would-be intruder.
  6. Do not leave ladders in the yard or make easily accessible. Remember to store them away after each use in locked garages or basements.
  7. Do not use portable safes that are easily walked off with when someone has the ill-will to do so. Consider installing a wall safe for valuables or using a bank’s safety deposit box.
  8. Bring delivered packages inside as soon as possible and as you unpack new items be sure to breakdown the empty boxes before leaving them on the curb and publicizing your purchases.

Happy Holidays from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | Haven Properties. May your Holidays be Peaceful, Joyful and SAFE!